Membership to the St. Andrew’s Society of Atlanta is possible to people of direct Scottish ancestry. Meetings and events are held throughout the year in the Metropolitan Atlanta area: We encourage and welcome traditional Scottish dress and often partake in Scottish dance, music and literature. And of course, at least once a year, there is haggis! The Society is always ready to welcome new members and we would love for you to visit us.

To be eligible for membership, a candidate must be sponsored by a current member of the Society, attend three functions within a twelve-month period, and have their name published at least twice in the member newsletter (St. Aindrea) prior to election. To be eligible to be voted upon, both prospective members and their sponsors must be present at the designated business meeting.

Should you already know someone who is a member then please approach them as to becoming your Sponsor. If you do not know a member, please feel free to contact us to let us know what meeting or event you would like to attend, and we will make sure to introduce you to our membership and give you an opportunity to meet other members of your Clan and find a Sponsor.

We especially welcome younger folks who have an interest in learning more about their heritage and preserving the qualities that make Scottish culture unique!